Sunday, 9 February 2014

Eric Morgenstern - Night Circus

This is a really beautiful book, the story is engaging, the descriptions are vivid and setting is uniquely imaginative.

Readers two main characters as they grow older with the knowledge they will be used as playing pieces in a content that has spanned generations. They don't know it yet, but this contest has more dangers then they could have ever imagined when pondering the vague answers given by their magic using mentors.

The concept of a circus that randomly appears, only opens at night and as it makes its way around the globe adds more and more magical displays is so interesting. I really enjoyed the diversion from the main characters to the point of view of people that attended the circus, it allowed the reader to have more insight from a very different perspective. I also really enjoyed the build up to the beginning of the contest, the conception of the circus and the preparation was riveting and didn't direct from the mystery sounding the circus at all.

 It must be mentioned that the setting is the focus, and the characters where the backdrop. This is obvious though as I found the supporting characters were inconstant in quality. I felt the book did drag in parts, I felt like there was a fair bit of extraneous information that didn't add the the mystery and magical atmosphere of the circus. This is the only thing that let me down about the book. That being said I read it over two days so it clearly didn't bother me that much.

A fellow forum user over at BFB suggested picking up a hard copy instead of an Ebook. I was curious and borrowed it from my library, as it turns out I will also recommend reading it in hard copy. the attention to detail is refreshing. There are pages that divide parts of the books that look like open circus tents.

I recommend this book to those who want to delve into a world of magic, mystery and who adore the circus.

3.5 out of 5 rabbits out of hats.

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