Sunday, 16 February 2014

Frozen - Movie Review

I watched Frozen the other night, I want to let you all know it is great!

1. It passes the Bechdel Test. The two main characters are female and have so much more going on then finding husbands.

2. It starts off predictable but the constant berating "Only one day!" after the princess tells her new friend she is engaged picked up my expectations. It a great lesson to be smart about your relationships, a nice teaching moment ... or at least not the same old instilling of unrealistic expectations. The act of 'true love' was totally awesome! Definitely appreciated the twist!

3. The story focuses on the sisters, their sibling relationship and the conflict that arises from their personal lives.

4. The humour is great, plenty for adults and children alike!

I recommend this as a movie to show your daughters, I would have loved to watch this with my sister when I was little!

4 out of 5 snowmen that don't melt.

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